If You Are Debating Between A Concrete Patio Or Pavers…….Read This!

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Why Pavers?

When it comes to the debate between concrete vs pavers, we’re certain that pavers are the ideal choice. Poured concrete is installed in large, solid blocks and has the advantages of accepting colored stains, pattern stamping, and can be smooth or rough.  Poured concrete slabs are traditional and fairly low maintenance.  Pavers are interlocking tiles of concrete.  They can also come in various colors and textures.  If you are looking to add years of beauty and curb appeal to your home, the choice is pavers.

Here we are going to breakdown the advantages of choosing pavers over concrete slabs.

  1. Pavers will not crack or fade. Pavers are longer lasting and sturdier than a poured concrete slab. The manufacturing of the pavers allows them to be packed much tighter. Pavers also have the advantage of being able to expand and contract more from the changing seasons, which in turn prevents cracking.

  2. Pavers are easier to replace. Let’s say the ground shifted under your concrete slab; that’s going to require costly repairs. If the pavers shift, you can easily replace the stones in the affected area. This option will be much more cost effective and less time consuming.

  3. Pavers are ready to go-immediately. A concrete slab can take up to five days to cure and be ready for driving or foot traffic.

  4. The design possibilities are endless. Pavers come in endless styles, shapes, and patterns. The sky is the limit with pavers, they can add an interest that concrete just can’t.

  5. Pavers offer safety. Choosing the right type of paver can prevent slipping and tripping. Non-slip pavers offer a sense of security when installed around a swimming pool.

  6. Maintenance is a snap with pavers. Pavers will keep their strength and beauty for years to come with regular sweeping. We also recommend rinsing and sealing them on occasion.

  7. They are strong, durable and long-lasting. Did you know that pavers are three times stronger than a poured concrete slab? The right pavers can hold the massive weight of several cards as well as withstand harsh weather conditions.

  8. The colorful choices for pavers is endless. Concrete is typically a drab gray. Boring! When installing pavers, you can find countless colors options to choice from.

  9. Pavers can be better for mother earth. Permeable pavers are an option for a more eco-friendly approach to landscaping. They also have the ability to solve drainage issues or imperfect grading.

  10. Their beauty will last. Spilled oil on a concrete slab will create an endless eyesore, but not for pavers. Pavers can be replaced or flipped over to preserve the appearance.

Making the upgrade to pavers is the right choice for these reasons and many more. With a little maintenance, this worry free material will last long and look great for years to come.

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