How-To: Choose A Landscaping Company For Your Project.

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A perfectly manicured and well-landscaped yard can raise your property value. Why gamble with your homes’ potential value? Be sure to do your research and pick a company that is trustworthy and experienced!

Not sure where to start? Below is some helpful advice to make the process of selecting a landscaping company stress-free.

1. First of all, decide what you are wanting for your landscape.

Do you have a green thumb, and enjoy getting dirt under your nails? Then a vegetable garden would be perfect for you! Are you tired of flattening your grass in a certain path that you always use? Your ideal solution would be a block pathway! Other options to consider could be something as simple as installing a water feature, or as labor-intense as installing a pond.

Pictures are a great tool to show your landscaping company what you would like to achieve. Gather photos from the internet, magazines, books, or even snap a few on your phone. Whatever tickles your fancy, simply decide what you would like, and it will be much easier to communicate your imagined project for a clear outcome.

2. Compile a short list of landscaping companies in the area

Where to begin? One of the easiest ways to find someone, is by simply asking friends or family who they have hired, or have heard good things about. Check with your neighbors if they have recently had some landscaping done at their house. Referrals are the best way to identify a reputable company. Write down all the different companies that you heard or found down on a piece of paper. From there, narrow it down to two or even three to get estimates from.

3. Establish the company that you want to work with.

Now that you reached out to a couple of different companies for an estimate, it is time to choose who you want to actually do your project. The following are pointers to guarantee that you select the perfect company for your job.

  • Communication- I’m sure you have heard this a hundred times, “communication is key.” This couldn’t be more true when numerous people are working on a job. Good communication skills are key to the success of each and every project. Communicating throughout the entire process will guarantee that nothing gets overlooked, and end up causing a potential issue.
  • Experience- Two great ways to check how much experience a company has are asking for references and checking on their website. Browsing past project pictures is also a great indicator if their style matches yours. Reputable companies will almost always have the number of years that they have been in business readily available.

There you have it! Now that this process is over, get your landscaping company hired, and get them to work! If you live in Lincoln, Nebraska or in the surrounding area, the American Landscape Company of Lincoln would be the perfect fit for any of your landscaping needs. From our free estimates, up the final touches that will complete your project, we are here for you every step of the way. Give us a call at 402-325-9255 or contact us today for a free estimate, and let us help you achieve your dream landscape!

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