Becoming Familiar With A Few Of The Many Landscaping Terms

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Being in-the-know is better than going into new things blindly. Doing your research to educate yourself before moving forward with landscaping makes you feel more at ease, as well as more knowledgeable when dealing with new terminology. Since the inception of the American Landscape Company right here in Lincoln, you may or may not have heard several new terms that are designated to the landscaping industry. With that being said, let’s get more familiar with some of the most frequently used terms.

Hardscaping- is a term that refers to the hard landscape materials that are incorporated into a landscape design. The most common form of this is a sidewalk, as this is a solid structure that isn’t easily removed. Other forms are retaining walls, patios, and other non-living structures made from wood, brick, concrete and stone.

Softscape- Are the natural components that are integrated into landscape design. An example of this is the soil and plants that are added to your landscape.

Ground cover- Refers to any type of material that covers the soil- which can be everything from mulch to plants that are low and spread over the soil. Other forms of ground cover are gravel, wood chips, and bark.

Grading- Is the process that is used to mover earth to adjust the slope of that land so there is proper drainage. For any space to be landscaped properly, the space has to be reshaped to ensure there will not be any possible damage to foundations or other structures after the landscaping has been completed.

Backfill– Refers to material that is often gravel, rubble rock or dirt that is used to fill in behind a retaining wall once it is built.

Base material- Is the infrastructure below a hardscape. This is the first tier of material that is put down to keep a structure like a patio or a retaining wall solid.

Poly- Sand- Also known as polymeric sand, is used in between pavers to form a bond to keep a firm foundation. Poly sand consists of fine sand that is generally combined with an additive that is usually silica then mixed with water which creates a solid bond.

Drain tile- Is perforated tubing that is inserted underground to form a drainage system to prevent excess water from pooling in low lying areas. Excess water can lead to numerous issues with foundations as well as grass.

Artificial turf- Is made of synthetic fibers that are made to look the same as an actual lawn. Having turf installed instead of having a normal lawn of grass, has become more popular due to the no maintenance factor.

Geogrid- Is used for soil reinforcement below roads, under structures, and retaining walls. It looks similar to a large mat that has large openings, and is made of polyester, polypropylene, or fiberglass.

Of course these are just a few of the several terms that are used in the landscaping world. With a better understanding of these, hopefully you will feel more comfortable when meeting with our landscape expert Kalvin! Call today to set up your free estimate, and let us help you get your landscape project planned and completed!

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