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About America’s Drilling Company

America’s Drilling Company is a full service drilling contractor providing superior geotechnical services such as rock core drilling, mud rotary, soil sampling, and monitoring well installation. Each project is carried out safely and according to schedule — using state of the art technology and highly trained personnel. Our dedication to safety and efficiency has earned us the status as the #1 drilling company in the Midwest!

* AmeriFence Corporation and America’s Drilling Company are divisions of American Fence Company.


Rock Core Drilling

Rock core drilling allows you to sample the strata under your project site. The drilling team attaches a powerful rock core barrel to a rig and then burrows into the ground; the core comes up again with a cylinder-shaped rock sample. This sample can then be analyzed to determine strata strength and quality—essential for engineering applications such as bearing capacity and setting anchors.

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

One of the most reliable forms of drilling in environmental and geotechnical applications, the hollow stem auger technique is often used to collect evidence when identifying water-producing zones. After drilling a claw bit into the ground, the hollow stem acts as a temporary casing, which keeps the borehole from collapsing and allows you to take samples or set groundwater monitoring in place. This technique uses no additives and usually doesn\’t require the introduction of fluids—thereby preserving groundwater integrity.

Mud Rotary Capabilities

A technique developed in the late nineteenth century, mud rotary remains one of the fastest and most efficient drilling methods today. Commonly used when drilling wells, mud rotary uses fluid to lubricate the drill bit, carry cuttings to the surface, and circulates mud back into the borehole. It is frequently used in geological areas prohibiting hollow stem augers—e.g., bedrock, dense sand, and gravel formations.

Monitoring Well Installation

Monitoring wells allow for the analysis of groundwater and are often sampled by local, state, and federal agencies. A monitoring well is essential in areas known for or suspected of contamination by petroleum compounds, chlorinated solvents, and similar substances. America’s Drilling Company uses state-of-the-art augers for monitoring well installation.

Soil Monitoring and Sampling

One way to reduce the risk of working on unstable or contaminated terrain is to perform soil monitoring and sampling. America’s Drilling Company employs top-notch equipment to retrieve soil samples so you can detect hazardous elements. This process is useful when determining ideal locations for wells and agriculture.

Rock Drilling

Rock drilling is essential for tasks such as digging wells, preparing foundations, and exploring mineral deposits. To penetrate solid rock, you need equipment fabricated from the right material and fashioned with good lubrication systems. The rock drilling equipment used by America’s Drilling Company utilizes power and speed to break through the strata.

Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical drilling is frequently used to determine soil stability where structures or roads will be constructed. Through this process, you can decipher whether the ground is solid enough for foundation, how deep pilings and footings must be installed, and if slopes are causing movement in the subsurface. Geotechnical drilling is also frequently used when searching for gas, oil, and mineral deposits.


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The gate manufacturing division of American Fence Company, America’s Gate Company designs and installs both ready-made and custom fabricated gates for a wide variety of applications and venues, our experience going back 55+ years. Today, we operate ten fabrication facilities in the Midwest and employ whole teams of computer-aided designers and certified welders, all of whom collaborate with you to ensure the gate we install is the gate you need.

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American Fence Company is one of the nation’s top ten largest fence contractors. Our buying power is considerable. It is for this reason that we are able to bid projects at a competitive market price and still have considerable funds to pay qualified subcontractors while still making a reasonable profit. This is not your typical contractor experience. We offer top dollar and above market opportunities to our contractors. In most cases, you will discover that contracting with us is far more profitable and rewarding than attempting to hang your own shingle and go it alone.


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