There are countless ways to spruce up your yard. At American Landscape Company, we can work with your budget to include items such as mulch, rocks and boulders to add character to your landscaping project.

Landscaping with rocks and boulders is an easy way to not only instantly improve your curb appeal, but they also help prevent erosion. There are many great ways to include rocks and boulders in your landscaping project.

How do you decide if mulch or river rock is the way to go for your project? There are many pros and cons for both. Mulch helps your soil retain moisture, so you won’t have to water your plants as much. It keeps pesky weeds at bay by blocking the sunlight they need to sprout.

American Landscape Company natural landscaping in home garden
Natural stone landscaping in home garden

River rock is more expensive than mulches such as shredded bark, wood chips or compost. But since river rocks don’t decompose, they may never need to be replaced. This makes river rock potentially less expensive than mulch in permanent installations over long periods of time. Mulch might be the more affordable option upfront, but as you begin reapplying applications over the years, it can become more of an expense and time eater than you expected.

Also, with the river rock, we can add a weed barrier underneath so you don’t have to spend your valuable time pulling weeds out of your flower beds. Bottom line, it comes down to making the right decision for your landscaping design.

Boulders come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They can greatly enhance a flower bed or yard by adding texture, height, and focal interest. The sky is the limit on the ways to use them in your yard. Boulders can be used to accent certain portions of your yard. They can help add privacy by choosing larger options. Or they can be used in flower beds to add dimension and color. We even have the ability to add water and fire features using boulders.

Mulch, rocks and boulders are great ways to add character to your landscaping project. Contact American Landscape Company to discuss your options with one of our design consultants. We look forward to helping you enhance your home or business with landscaping.