Getting To Know The Newest Addition To Our Team…EASYTURF!

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Maintaining a good looking lawn is a big deal for many home and business owners. It’s the first thing that anyone sees upon their arrival, and helps boost property value during resale. With the majority of people in the Midwest having regular lawns, that equates to a great deal of maintenance required year round. Who wouldn’t want to have more free time, and less time dealing with your lawn? With EasyTurf that is now a possibility!

The American Landscape Company has recently partnered up with EasyTurf, which is a synthetic turf manufacturer out of San Diego. Artificial grass is available for several different applications such as; residential turf, commercial turf, outdoor turf, and even indoor synthetic grass. There are several reasons to upgrade from your traditional lawn today! Let’s look a few.

  1. Less hassle! Artificial turf requires no watering, fertilizing, or mowing. There is also no more re-seeding, allergies, or muddy paws from your dog tracking in mud!
  2. 100% permeability backing. So there is now worry of standing water.
  3. Durability. 15-20 years, which is the longest in the industry. The fibers used to create our synthetic turf closely replicate the appearance and feel of natural sod. Using a natural matte finish as well as olive green really makes a near flawless match.
  4. This fake grass is a safer play surface than a rubber playground. It’s it softer than real grass is, and doesn’t stain clothing.
  5. Fade and tear resistant. Manufactured with advanced UV inhibitors and state-of-the-art grass polymer formula. Through this process, they are confident enough to carry an industry leading non-prorated warranty.

I’m sure that you may have other questions in regards to choosing to install fake grass that doesn’t look fake, which Kalvin would be pleased to answer. Give him a call today at 402-325-9255 today to get clarification and to set up a day and time to meet with him to get your free estimate.

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Set up a consultation today!

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