The Different Retaining Wall Types and Material Options

Well landscaped wall of cement cobblestone bricks with grass and ornamental plants

Whether you are at the bottom of a hill and need to protect your home from flooding, you’re looking to add more surface area to your yard or you need to level out your property, retaining walls are a great landscaping addition. If you’ve made the decision to install a retaining wall, now you need to decide what type of retaining wall would be best for you.

Gravity walls and engineered walls are the most common types of retaining walls. Engineered walls stabilize the ground with Geogrid. Geogrid is a geosynthetic materials that reinforces dirt and soil to hold back the slant of a hill. Gravity walls use the weight of the retaining wall’s blocks to hold back the soil and keep the retaining wall in place.

There are also a variety of materials that retaining walls are usually made from. What material you chose will affects how the wall looks and how it functions.

Retaining Wall Material Options:

  • Natural stone – Probably the most attractive option. Natural stone is a suitable option for smaller walls that would benefit from a more
  • Segmental blocks – Retaining walls made of segmental blocks utilize an interlocking system that strengthens the structure of the wall
  • Gabion – This style consists of rocks and stones in wire baskets and is a great choice for anyone in an area that receives a lot of rain as it drains easily.
  • Concrete – Retaining walls can also be made of poured-in-place-concrete and are the best option for property in danger of flooding. No other material is better than concrete for flooding.
  • Railroad ties and wood timbers – This is another attractive option that is best used for small walls that focus on aesthetic appeal or longevity

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